Our client is one of the world leading semiconductor companies with a global presence on almost every continent. The company partners with some of the world’s most inspired companies to develop and produce the semiconductors that are changing the way people live today and defining what’s possible for tomorrow. With one of the largest populations of leading-edge scientists and technologists in the semiconductor industry, our customer makes possible the technologies and systems that transform industries. Thus the company develops the products and technologies that are moving the world forward, making lives easier and creating new ways. Currently our customer is running several projects for the sustainable development and production of Embedded Non-Volatile Memories (eNVM). Therefore our client globally is looking for a self-driven, goal-oriented and highly skilled personality for the role of a


Senior Technology Development Expert (m/f/d)

Principle Member of Technical Staff


Your task:

  • In the role of a Senior Technology Development Expert/Principle Member of Technical Staff you will be part of the TD team responsible for the introduction of all eNVM related products.
  • This requires ownership and participation in advanced technology development in the company’s state-of-the-art 300mm wafer fabs.
  • Reporting to the TD management, the primary responsibility of this position is ownership of logistical coordination, timeline and resource planning of defining development and transfer projects for embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) technologies.
  • The baseline technology nodes range from 40nm down to 22/12nm, whereas the eNVM value added solution spans from classical eFlash to emerging memories like eMRAM and FeFET.
  • Your specific responsibilities will include planning, controlling and pushing the schedule details of specific programs as well as planning and organizing of program resources.
  • You will also manage the daily logistics within a specific program and communicate with the technological core team, internal and external customers as well as highest management levels.

Your profile:

  • You possess a degree in Electrical Engineering Materials Science, Solid State Physics or any other relevant technical discipline.
  • You can prove at least eight years of experience in the industry, with at least partial technological background.
  • You own comprehensive knowledge about CMOS and Embedded Non-Volatile Memories (eNVM) as well as Flash cell concepts and cell array.
  • You are also familiar with eNVM Flash industry trends and its roadmaps as well as eNVM/Flash design (concepts) / cell size and its related roadmaps.
  • Following keywords in the context of “eNVM/Flash cell figure of merits” are well known to you: key electrical parameters influencing cell performance, endurance, retention and high/low temperature cycling.
  • You possess knowledge in the area of requirements of High Temperature Operating Lifetime (HTOL) testing; Low temperature data retention (LTDR), High temperature data retention (HTDR).
  • You own a wide range of expertise with advanced baseline technologies as well as proved cooperation with foundries.
  • You are also familiar with direct communication and cooperation with customers from the automotive and consumer goods industries.
  • Strong organizational talent with proven track record in project management and peer leadership skills as well as strong interpersonal skills are required to work in high-performance cross-functional teams.
  • You should also understand how to pull and push for internal alignment and achieve overall agreement on a strategic approach and how to do this under time pressure.